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  • Ginger

    originated in South Asia and has been used, for example, in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurvedic...

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  • Curcuma

    or the yellow ginger, as it is also very often called, is found mainly in the tropical regions of Asia...

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  • Indian Frankincense

    is extracted from various species of Boswellia, found mainly in some parts of Africa, Arabia and India...

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Our philosophy

We like to keep things real


We want to support people in increasing and maintaining their health and well-being in a natural way. To do this, we use extracts from plants that have been successfully used in traditional Indian naturopathy for thousands of years - but have also been extensively studied in modern research. We refine these extracts with our Jala-Life formula, thereby enabling optimal absorption of the active ingredients into your body. For this we only need three natural ingredients - acacia resin, Swiss mountain spring water and plant extract. Naturalness and sustainability enjoy the highest priority with us!

Real Ingredient

  • Swiss water
  • High quality plant extracts
  • Gum arabic as thickener
  • Natural flavors from plant and fruit extracts

We do not use:

  • synthetic substances
  • no alcohol
  • no sugar
  • no gluten
  • 100% Nature

Real Result

Your benefit
We often tend to act only when it is already "five to twelve". Only when we are affected by a disease that is difficult to treat do we begin to think about our health. This is usually followed by the use of synthetic drugs, which is not infrequently accompanied by severe side effects and can severely limit our quality of life. The key to a sustainable healthy life, however, is composed of enough sleep, plenty of exercise and a balanced and predominantly plant-based diet. In addition, natural ingredients have been successfully used for thousands of years to support the health of body and mind and to keep them in an optimal balance. The more naturalness we allow into our lives, the greater our well-being will be! Our principle is:
"Nature has given us everything we need for a healthy life".

We love what we do

We love it when people take responsibility for their health and their lives. These are
precisely the people we want to support with our natural, scientifically proven
Because prevention is better than cure. We are convinced that nature
offers us everything we need for a healthy life.


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