Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

1. Scope of application

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the rights and obligations between Solu-
Veda GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "seller") and the customers and club members (herein-
after referred to as "customers") in connection with the sale of goods and registration in the

Jala-Life Club via the website "jala-life-uk.com" (hereinafter referred to as "website").
The GTC, privacy policy, delivery and order process and cancellation policy form an integral

part of the purchase contract concluded between the seller and the customer. Provisions devia-
ting from the GTC are only binding if they are expressly accepted by the seller in writing.

Conflicting conditions of the customer are not recognized.
By placing an order, the customer expressly declares its acceptance of the GTC. The Seller may
request the Customer to expressly confirm acceptance of the GTC at certain intervals or on an
event-related basis, in particular prior to an order.
The goods offered in the Seller's online store are primarily intended for persons and companies
who are domiciled or have their registered office in the United Kingdom (UK). In the event of
a delivery abroad, the taxation and customs clearance principles of the respective country of
destination of the goods delivery shall remain decisive. In particular, in the case of deliveries
abroad, the customer is aware that the import is associated with further fees and customs duties
that are levied by the respective country and collected from the recipient.


2. orders and conclusion of contracts

To place orders, you have the option to shop as a guest or with a member or customer account.
Customers with a member or customer account must identify themselves for each order using
the user name and personal password. The registration takes place with the first order. The
customer is solely responsible for the correctness and timeliness of his data. He must also treat
the access data confidentially and take all precautions to prevent third parties from accessing
the user account. The seller assumes no liability for possible damages. All orders placed as a
guest or via a member account are attributed to the respective owner or creator and are binding

for him. The seller reserves the right to close user accounts, change or remove content if appli-
cable law, the GTC or applicable contractual provisions are violated.

The offers on the homepage "www.jala-life-uk.com" are non-binding and do not constitute a
contractual offer.
The customer can select goods from the seller's product range and collect them in the shopping
cart by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" button. A binding order (for both parties) for the goods
contained in the shopping cart is placed by the customer only after clicking the order button
"Buy now with costs" (or similar). The customer thereby simultaneously declares his agreement
with all provisions of these GTC. The seller is free to refuse orders in whole or in part without
giving reasons. Goods already paid for will be refunded in full. In all these cases, the customer

may not assert any claims for damages, in particular those arising from pre-contractual liability
or those due to non-performance or delay in delivery.
If the ordered goods are not available, the seller reserves the right not to accept the customer's
offer, so that no contract is concluded. In this case, the customer will be informed by e-mail.
Payments already made will be refunded to the customer in this case.

The arrival of an online order is indicated to the customer by means of an automatically gene-
rated order confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the customer. The receipt of the

automatically generated order confirmation does not contain a promise that the product can
actually be delivered. It merely indicates to the customer that the submitted order has been
received by the online store and thus that the contract with the seller has been concluded subject
to the condition that delivery is possible and that the quantities, goods and prices are correct.

Incorrect notifications, in particular regarding the sales price, ordered goods or ordered quan-
tity, do not entitle the customer to effective delivery of goods.

In case of orders to a foreign place of delivery, the customer expressly confirms that the ordered
goods can be legally imported into the country to which the customer has the goods delivered.
Customers under the age of 18 or persons not fully capable of acting confirm with their order
that they have the consent of the legal representative for the corresponding purchase. For all
orders with the requirement of the minimum age of 18 years, the customer confirms with the
order the compliance with the corresponding legal provisions.


3. purchase as a guest or registered customer

CannSol Distribution AG gives you a choice: you can buy our products as a guest at regular

prices without purchasing a membership (the "designated price"), or you can register and be-
nefit from discounts on our products. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions,

discounts or product prices as needed.

4. types of memberships

4.1 General
Memberships may be subject to a minimum term and will automatically renew for the same
term upon expiration of the respective term, provided the membership fee is paid on time.

Membership may only be terminated in writing at info@jala-life.com. In the event of termina-
tion, there is no entitlement to a (partial) refund of the membership fee.

4.2 Registered customer
You register as a customer and benefit from a discount on the price shown on our website. You
do not enter into any obligations with the registration.

4.3 Jala Life Club Membership (currently not possible)
As a club member, you benefit from exclusive discounts and promotions. These discounts are

granted for the duration of the membership. In addition, every member can collect points, so-
called Jala Drops (point 5).

4.4 Notes
The seller can change the types of membership at any time. Club membership is valid for 365
days and is not automatically renewed. If another membership is desired after this time, a club
membership can simply be purchased in the online store. The customer account remains after
the expiration of the club membership for another year and is then deleted. Points or credits will
also be deleted after this time. Questions can be sent to info@jala-life.com.
CannSol Distribution AG is free to block/cancel or refuse customer logins or memberships,
especially if Jala-Life Club rules are violated. Other reasons remain reserved for the "Seller".

5. point collection system (Jala drops)
With every purchase, points ("Jala drops") are collected and credited to the customer's account.
How, when and how many points are credited, is decided by the seller. There is no automatic
right to points crediting. The design of the discounts and offers as well as the amount of points
(Jala-Drops) can be changed by SoluVeda GmbH at any time. Changes will be announced via
the club newsletter. Points will not be paid out in cash or otherwise rewarded. Points can only
be redeemed via the store.


6. termination of membership

6.1 General
The purchase of the Club membership can be cancelled only within the first eight days and only
if no purchases with Club discounts have been made during this period. You can submit the

cancellation of your Club membership to us with the written notice (e-mail) on info@jala-
life.com. If the previously mentioned conditions have been met, the amount of the Club mem-
bership will be returned to your credit card.

Furthermore, CannSol Distribution AG may exclude a member if the applicable GTC have been
violated. In principle, a member will always be admonished or warned first. In very serious
cases, where the reputation of Jala-Life is damaged, other club members are harassed or abuse
of any kind is detected, an immediate termination and closure of the member account can be

6.2 Existing memberships
Existing memberships can be cancelled at any time by sending an e-mail to info@jala-life.com.
When renewing a membership, there is no right to a refund of the membership fee paid. If you
do not wish to renew your club membership, you should empty your points account via product
purchases before membership expires. Unused points (Jala Drops) can only be obtained through
purchases in the online store if you have a valid/expiring membership. The customer account

will be protected for one year after the expiration of the membership and then irrevocably de-


7. prices and payment methods

All prices on the websites are shown in euros and include the statutory value added tax. The
VAT may change depending on the delivery address (country). The prices apply to the items
shown according to the description. Not included in the price are transport, customs, shipping
and or other additional costs incurred for delivery abroad. These costs are also to be borne by
the customer and will be invoiced separately.
You can pay in the store either by Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, ApplePay or prepayment. The
payment methods offered are subject to change. For the payment method "Prepayment" you
will be informed of the bank details when you request payment. The delivery of the goods will

be made after receipt of payment. Upon completion of the order, you agree that customer infor-
mation will be used for administrative purposes and passed on.

The Jala Drops mentioned in point 5 can be used as an extended means of payment. This means
that Jala-Drops have a financial value and can therefore be deducted from the order amount.
Should shipping costs be incurred, payment of these costs with Jala-Drops is not possible.
For deliveries abroad, the rates of the country of destination always apply with regard to value
added tax and customs duties.
The repayment of claims by the customer by way of offsetting is excluded.


8. delivery and notice of defects

A delivery is made via the post office or another parcel service provider. The Seller may also
commission other carriers or fulfillment partners to ship products. Unless otherwise specified,
delivery times are three to five business days from receipt of order or payment. The risk as to
whether products may be imported into a shipping country rests with the customer. If delivery

of a membership or products is delayed by an event beyond our control, we will contact you as
soon as possible. We will take steps, to the extent possible, to minimize the delay. We will not
be liable or responsible for any failure to perform or delay in performing any of our obligations
under these Terms and Conditions.
The seller is entitled to make partial deliveries. Subsequent deliveries will be made immediately
upon arrival of the goods. Delivery times are influenced by stock levels and may vary.
For the purpose of safeguarding possible claims against the Seller, the carrier, other service
providers and/or against a transport insurance, the Customer shall immediately check the goods
for integrity and completeness upon receipt of the shipment. In the event of externally visible
transport damage or differences in quantity, the customer is obliged, in order to safeguard his
claims, to immediately make a precise and detailed reservation with the carrier or other service
provider and to have a damage confirmation report issued.
In addition, the customer must report the defect to the seller's customer service immediately
after its discovery, but no later than within 10 days after receipt of the goods, in writing or by
e-mail (e-mail: info@jala-life.com, telephone consultation is recommended). The customer

must also notify the seller's customer service in writing or by e-mail (e-mail: info@jala-
life.com) within the above-mentioned periods after receipt of the goods of any transport damage

or differences in quantity that are not externally visible. By unconditional acceptance (in case

of externally visible transport damages or quantity differences) or after expiration of the dead-
line (in case of externally not visible transport damages or quantity differences) any claims

against the seller, the carrier, other service providers and/or a possible transport insurance are
forfeited. In order to maintain the quality of our products at a high level, product controls are
carried out. Faulty or defective products can be claimed from the customer to find the cause.
The customer is obliged to accept the consignment. If the goods are returned to the seller as a
result of non-delivery, the seller reserves the right, with regard to the uncollected goods, to

waive the subsequent performance without setting a grace period and to claim additional dama-
ges. The customer shall not be entitled to a voluntary right of withdrawal in this case. In this

case, the seller has the right to choose to claim either a flat rate of 25% of the purchase price or
compensation for the actual damage incurred (in particular costs for packaging materials, the
use of labor and shipping, as well as fees in the case of payment by cash on delivery) from the


9. retention of title

The object of purchase shall remain the property of the Seller until payment has been made in


10. right of return

The customer has the right to revoke the contract within fourteen days without giving any
reason. The revocation period is fourteen days from the day on which the customer or a third
party named by the customer, who is not the carrier, has taken possession of the goods.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must inform CannSol Distribution

AG, Industriestrasse 46, LI-9491 Ruggell (Liechtenstein), e-mail: office@cannsol.com, by me-
ans of a clear declaration (e.g. a letter sent by post or an e-mail) of the decision to withdraw

from the contract.
If the customer revokes the contract, CannSol Distribution AG shall repay to the customer the

payment already received no later than fourteen days from the date on which CannSol Distri-
bution AG received notification of the revocation of the contract. For this repayment, CannSol

Distribution AG shall use the same means of payment that the customer used for the original

CannSol Distribution AG may refuse repayment until the goods have arrived or until the custo-
mer has provided proof that the goods have been returned. The customer shall return the goods

to our fulfillment partner, ShipBob Inc. c/o CannSol Distribution AG, 110 Faraday Park,
Dorcan, GB - SN3 5JF, Swindon, without undue delay and in any event no later than fourteen
days from the day on which CannSol Distribution AG was notified of the revocation of the
The deadline is met if the customer sends the goods before the expiry of the period of fourteen
days. The customer shall bear the direct costs of returning the goods. The customer shall only
be liable for any loss in value of the goods if the condition, properties and functioning of the
goods make resale impossible.


11. warranty

The seller shall provide the customer with a warranty for defects that are attributable to a ma-
terial or manufacturing defect. The information in the online store of the seller (illustrations,

drawings, information on masses and weight as well as other specifications) are only to be
understood as guidelines and do not represent any assurance of properties.
The customer must inspect the goods delivered to him immediately upon receipt. The customer
must notify the seller's customer service department (CannSol Distribution AG, Industriestrasse

46, 9491 Ruggell, Liechtenstein, e-mail: info@cannsol.com) in writing or by e-mail of a com-
plaint about obvious material or other manufacturing defects immediately after receipt, but no

later than 5 days after receipt of the goods. Otherwise, the purchased products shall be deemed

approved and no warranty rights may be asserted with respect to these obvious defects. Further-
more, the customer is obliged to keep all packaging material until the case is settled.

The customer's warranty claim shall be fulfilled at the seller's discretion by improvement (re-
pair), subsequent delivery of equivalent defect-free replacement goods, reduction of the price

or rescission of the purchase contract. The customer is not entitled to commission third parties
with the repair. If the customer nevertheless commissions a third party, he shall lose any claim
to reimbursement of the costs.
In addition, the customer's warranty claim shall not apply in particular in the event of technical
intervention (in particular if changes are made or parts are replaced) and defects caused by
normal wear and tear, improper handling, excessive stress, use for purposes other than intended,
external influences (moisture damage, impacts, contact with liquids, etc.).

For the assertion and handling of the warranty claim the customer has to contact the customer
service (e-mail: info@cannsol.com) of the seller.
If the manufacturer of the product offers its own replacement service, the seller reserves the
right to refer the customer to the manufacturer.
The assignment of warranty claims is excluded.


12. limitation of liability

In any case, the Seller shall only be liable for direct damage caused by the Seller's own intenti-
onal or grossly negligent action. In addition, the Seller's liability is fully excluded to the extent

permitted by law, regardless of the basis of liability. Any liability of the Seller, in particular for
late delivery of goods, incorrect product descriptions and illustrations or price quotations, as
well as for damages resulting from improper installation, handling or use of the goods, is

excluded. Liability for claims and claims for damages by third parties as well as for consequen-
tial damages and lost profits of any kind is also excluded.

The Seller disclaims any liability for products and goods whose purchase was not made through
the online store.


13. involvement of auxiliary persons

The Seller shall be entitled to engage auxiliary persons for the performance of its services. The
Seller may use domestic and foreign partners as auxiliary persons. The Seller shall be free to
choose the auxiliary persons and may replace them at any time at its discretion. Liability for
auxiliary persons is excluded in any case.


14. data protection

The Seller processes personal data of the Customer in strict compliance with the applicable
provisions of the Data Protection Act, (DSGVO).
The customer is obliged to treat his access data confidentially and not to pass it on to third
parties. The seller assumes no responsibility for damages incurred by the customer from misuse
of his access data.


15. final provisions

15.1 Copyrights
On all pictures and texts on our website we have either rights of use or copyrights. The images
and texts may not be used without our consent.

15.2 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
These GTC and any disputes arising from or in connection with the relationship between the
Seller and the Customer shall be governed exclusively by German law. The Seller reserves the
right to sue the Customer at the competent court of the Customer's place of residence or business
or at any other competent court.

15.3 Severability clause
Should one or more provisions of these GTC be wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable or
subsequently lose their legal validity or enforceability, the validity of the remaining provisions
of these GTC shall not be affected thereby. In this case, the parties shall replace the invalid or
unenforceable provision with a valid and enforceable provision that comes as close as possible
to the economic purpose of the provision to be replaced. The same shall apply mutatis mutandis
in the event that these GTC should contain a regulatory gap.

15.4 Written form requirement

If the parties have agreed on written form, this is also fulfilled by e-mail. If you use the web-
site, you accept that communication with us will mainly take place electronically.

15.5 Amendment of the GTC
The Seller is entitled to amend or change these GTC at any time. Amendments to the GTC shall
be made available on the Seller's website and shall enter into force upon their posting.

15.6 Offsetting
The customer waives the right to offset claims against the seller.

15.7 Original text

The GTC of the Seller are written in German. In the event that translations have been made into
other languages, the German version shall prevail in the event of contradictions.

Ruggell (Liechtenstein), June 16, 2023
CannSol Distribution AG
Josef Goop
Managing Director

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